Berny Sansome (MBACP) Registered Member


I offer counselling and psychotherapy to adults and young people aged 16 or over who may be encountering emotional, relational, or psychological challenges.

After achieving a BSc Counselling and Psychotherapy (1st class Hons) in 2019 and qualifying as a Person-Centred Counsellor at The University of Salford, I received the award for ‘Student of the Year for Counselling Subjects’. Alongside my studies and since commencing private practice in 2019, I have volunteered as a counsellor with various charities including Cruse Bereavement Service, Seasons Bereavement Service, Chadderton 6th Form College, and Stockport Women’s Centre. In addition, I assess clients for counselling services at the Health & Society Counselling Service based at The University of Salford.


Prior to joining the counselling profession, I held leadership responsibility in Human Resources within an educational setting and still contribute to the HR industry.



It may be there is one specific reason you are seeking counselling, or it may be there are several issues you want to work through.


Perhaps you are troubled by recent life events, or your mind is occupied by events that happened in your earlier life. You may feel discontent and unhappy and you do not know why. Maybe you feel disconnected from others and relationships may be difficult or troubling. Or perhaps you feel quite lonely. You may feel anxious or depressed.


Your experience right now may be because of a bereavement, a relationship breakdown, stress at work or home.


Counselling can give you the space and time to explore your current experience in a safe, judgement free and confidential environment.



As a person-centred counsellor, I respect you as the authority on what it is that is causing you unhappiness or distress. I will listen to what it is you need to bring to the therapeutic relationship with understanding and without judgement. I recognise you as the individual you are and you will always be at the centre of the therapeutic relationship.


Person-centred counselling is a talking therapy. As your counsellor, I can give you the time and space to explore your feelings, understand what is going on, and discover the person you wish to be. I will listen to you and hear you without judgement or criticism.


Counselling and psychotherapy will offer you a safe and confidential environment to work through what is troubling you at your own pace.


Prior to commencing counselling, I offer all new clients a 30-minute consultation (free of charge). This is an opportunity where you can discuss your needs and ask any questions you may have about counselling. The 30-minute consultation can be via telephone, zoom, or face to face.


The number of counselling sessions you have will depend very much on you as an individual. We will discuss this at the consultation or the first counselling session and review this on a regular basis.


A single session lasts 50 minutes and if you prefer and it works for you, I can offer sessions up to 90 minutes. This is individual to you as the client.


30-minute Introductory session via telephone or zoom: no charge

50-minute counselling session: £45.00

Some concessionary rates available



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