Berny Sansome (MBACP) Registered Member


From my Counselling suite in city centre Manchester, or via Zoom, I offer counselling and psychotherapy to adults and young people aged 16 or over who may be encountering emotional, relational, or psychological challenges resulting in stress, anxiety, low self esteem, or bereavement and loss.

When I qualified as a Person-Centred Counsellor at The University of Salford in 2019 with a 1st Class Honours Degree, I was awarded ‘Student of the Year for Counselling Subjects’.

My counselling experience has been gained through volunteering with charities including Cruse Bereavement Service, Seasons Bereavement Service, Chadderton 6th Form College, and Stockport Women’s Centre. In addition I volunteered for the Health & Society Counselling Service based at The University of Salford as an assessor. 

I have run my own successful Private Practice, from 441 The Royal Exchange, St Ann's Square, Manchester since September 2019. In addition I have worked as a Bereavement Counsellor since July 2020 with the National Bereavement Partnership. 



You may have a specific issue you want to work through, or you have a number of complex reasons for your discontent. You may not know quite why you feel troubled. You may feel disconnected from others and relationships may be difficult or troubling.


Changes in your personal or professional life may have left you with a sense of loss, confusion, or loneliness. The uncertainty of lockdown and coronavirus may be overwhelming for you.


You may have had a loss or bereavement, a relationship breakdown, stress, or anxiety, or a combination of all these things.


Counselling can give you the space and time to explore your current experience in a safe, confidential, judgment-free way.



As a Person-Centred Counsellor, I respect you as the authority on what is causing you unhappiness or distress. I will listen, with understanding and without judgement to what it is you need to bring to our sessions. I recognise you as the individual you are as it is you who is at the centre of the therapeutic relationship.

Person-Centred Counselling is a talking therapy. As your counsellor, I will give you the time and space to explore your feelings, understand what is going on, and discover the person you wish to be. I will listen to you and hear you without criticism.


You can talk through your current experiences of anxiety, relationship issues, work concerns, family matters, bereavement, loss, low self-worth or self-esteem at your own pace without judgement and in confidence.

I offer a 30-minute consultation prior to commencing a therapeutic contract where you can discuss your needs and aims.


The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented life event that has and will cause worry and concern for many people in many ways for a long time.

How it's affected your work or home life may be causing or increasing your levels of anxiety. Family celebrations and get-togethers have changed, postponed or even cancelled. You or a family member may have had to shield or self-isolate for some time and though you've been unable to see loved ones in person for some time and catching up is difficult. You may be worried about your children returning to school, or be concerned about loved ones or yourself having to return to your workplace. Perhaps travel on public transport or going back to socialising, working, shopping on the high street feels unsafe. It may be that the lifting of restrictions feels like a sensory overload.

Relationships may have become strained and even broken down. Have you lost a loved one and were not able to see them because they were in care or hospital beforehand? You couldn't attend their funeral and fully share your grief with others? This can lead to complex grief, and leave you feeling quite alone, lonely, and stuck in many ways.

If you are struggling in any way due to the impact of coronavirus or lifting of lockdown, talking therapy may help. Contact me for a free consultation.


30-minute Introductory session via telephone or zoom: no charge

50-minute counselling session: £50.00

Some concessionary rates are available.

The number of counselling sessions you have will depend very much on you as an individual. We will discuss this at the consultation or the first counselling session and review this on a regular basis. A single session lasts 50 minutes and if you prefer and it works for you, I can offer sessions up to 90 minutes. This is individual to you as the client.